Capital. Commitment. Collaboration.

Count on us to empower you on your journey as an innovator.

At Emerald, our entrepreneurs come first. We're more than investors — we get to know your company on a deep level and provide you with personalized support to achieve and accelerate your goals. Our team shares with you the insights, discipline, and critical thinking that comes from hands-on experience in the development, ownership, and operation of outstanding, high-value companies and projects.

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When we invest in you, we’re invested in you.

We aren't like other hands-off venture firms — we're active investors who get involved early.

With most venture firms, 1% to 2% of funding comes from their general partners. At Emerald, a substantial portion of the capital we invest comes from our own partners. We’re personally committed to your success. If you do well, we do well. It’s a win-win.